From: Dylan Loh
About: The real way to generate traffic

In the next 5 minutes, I’m gonna show you how my candy store (seen above) will generate floods of traffic for you and make you commissions as soon as 24 hours from now.

But before I begin, I’ve a admission to make…

I’m gonna do it all for free.

You will not be asked for your money.

There is nothing to buy, not on this page, the next page or the last page.

“Why?”, you ask.

Because I’m sick of how ‘Internet Marketing’ is right now and I’ve decided to shake things up.

And I’ve very good reasons to feel that way.

3 reasons in fact.

1) ‘New’ make money online products are launched on a (almost) daily basis. Most of these aren’t even mediocre, its downright bad! It’s giving IM a bad name.

2) Some of the tactics marketers are engaging in these days are not only unethical – its downright illegal.

Selling & trading subscribers contacts like pieces of meat? (check!) Faking testimonials? (check!) Non-existent after sales support? (check!)  I’ve seen it all and I had enough.

3) Finally, I’m sick of being held hostage to promote rubbish. “Hey Dylan, you better push my (crap) product otherwise you will not get my support for your next launch!”

I need to regain control of my business.

My marketing experience spans over 8 years and several Clickbank #1 launches…yet all this while, I never felt fully in control because of the aggressive ‘you better promote me or else…’ nature of doing business.

(Go ahead Google ‘Dylan Loh‘, I’m a real person!)

For those reasons above I do not want to be part of the ‘inner circle’ anymore. I’m leaving it for good.

I’m sticking my finger to those clowns.

No more mixing around with him

Lemme share a quick personal story – a financial tragedy – that forced me to rethink how I do business online.

See that picture of my retail shop right at the very top? That’s my candy store. It was located in a shopping mall called ‘Iluma’ along the streets of Singapore’s main retail districts.

It didn’t last very long though…

And I bled over $120,000 in that venture.

It was an expensive lesson and I learnt a whole lot from that experience.

But failing is never fun.

Simply put I failed because I didn’t research my market at all.

I didn’t find out more about the traffic, I didn’t survey my prospects, I didn’t even find out what sorta candies people around the area liked!

I basically just set the thing up, hired a few people to run the store and assumed people would buy whatever I put up.

In short, I failed to find out what my audience wanted and I failed to deliver what they wanted.

Fast forward a few months later when the whole candy thing was done and dusted…

One fine Tuesday morning in August 2011, I sat down in front of my computer and did something that changed my IM business forever.

I took a long hard think on my Internet business and asked myself:

“Will my Internet business suffer the same fate as my candy business if I don’t do enough?” (Yes, it could)

“Am I really delivering enough, doing enough for my subscribers and giving what they want?” (No, I wasn’t)

“Is there anything I could do right at this moment to change things? (Hell yea there was!!)

Those questions CONSUMED me.

And it made me realize I urgently needed to overhaul things.

You see, I’ve radically changed the way I conducted my business.

I’ve decided to give more. And give more for free.

In fact, ever since I made the decision to change my business model back in August, I’ve given more quality and content within a few months then I’ve ever given before in the past 3 years combined!

My income has also more then doubled as a direct result of that.

Today, right on this very page, you’ll be benefiting from that decision I made.

That leads us back to why you’re here – you want to learn how to drive more traffic and make more money right? Good, because that’s precisely what I’m about to show you.

And it all begins with a ‘dirty’ 5 letter word.

A word that is the main reason for my increased profits…

A word that ‘gurus’ hate and avoid.

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